Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Update :Starting off the Anupama episode for September 10, 2023, Anupama assures Anuj that the hospitalized girl is not Pakhi.

Pakhi is fine and not hurt at all, but they still need to finish the formality of identifying the girl once, says Anuj, who concurs with Anupama.

Anuj gives Anupama a trembling hug as she prays for the injured girl and advises her parents to summon the strength to deal with the situation

Anupama is instructed to go home and wait for the inspector while he completes the formalities and confirms that it is not their Pakhi but rather someone else. The inspector asks Anuj to accompany him at the hospital, bringing Anuj back to reality.

Anuj gets into his car and tells Anupama to remain strong before he departs after Anupama agrees and returns home with him.

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