Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Update:Anupama Written UpdateAnuj calls Vanraj at the beginning of the Anupama 13th September 2023 episode to inquire as to whether Anupama has arrived.

Everyone at the Shah home is seated in shadow, listening to bhajans, and praying to Lord Krishna for Pakhi’s speedy return.

While Kavya tries to soothe him in her own way, Vanraj declares that he won’t be able to relax fully until his daughter returns.

Anuj calls Vanraj, who informs him that Anupama has not yet visited them and that he will call if she does.

When Vanraj explains that Anupama left the house without alerting anyone, everyone becomes concerned.

Anupama observes Romil stopping in front of a house and banging on the door; she then moves approaches the house after Romil enters.

While Anupama yells Pakhi’s name from Romil’s back and rushes inside, Romil stops at the door and scans the space with wild eyes.

Anupama recognizes Pakhi’s handbag on the room’s table and deduces that she must have gone there.

Anupama confronts Romil about Pakhi and what he has been keeping hidden all these time as he maintains a tense gaze on her.

Is Romil the person who caused all of this to happen?

Why did Pakhi travel to this location?

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