Anupama Written Update 14th September 2023

Anupama Written Update 14th September 2023

Anupama Written Update;The Anupama episode for September 14th, 2023 opens with Anupama slapping Romil hard and puffing indignantly, asking him what he is talking about.

Anupama claims that although they were concerned about Pakhi being used as a pawn by Adhik, they made no moves to endanger Pakhi.

Romil claims that his intention was to play a tiny joke on Pakhi and Adhik to get their attention and teach them a lesson, but he had no idea the situation would spiral out of control.

Romil responds that he is telling the truth that he does not know where Pakhi is when Anupama grips him violently by the shirt and asks him if he is still keeping something from her.

Pakhi, meantime, wanders around the uncharted area and eventually finds a grassy area covered with clothing, where she trips and falls to the ground after becoming tangled in a piece of clothing.

Pakhi groans in pain as a bunch of men approach her as they see her laying on the ground.

Romil will be held accountable if anything bad occurs to Pakhi, according to Anupama, because he has lost sight of what is appropriate behavior.

What will now transpire with Pakhi?

Will Anupama make this information public and punish Romil?

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