Anupama Written Update 21st September 2023

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Anupama Written Update 21st September 2023
Anupama Written Update 21st September 2023

Read Letest Update :Anupama Written Update 20st September 2023

Anupama Written Update 21st September 2023 :Anupama Written Update

Today’s Anupama 21st September 2023 episode begins with everyone preparing and organizing Anuj’s birthday celebration.

Pakhi takes over as the primary instructor, with everyone following her instructions to organize the decorations and food, but Adhik and Romil do not appear to get along.

Pakhi becomes concerned when she sees them clashing like that and considers how she may make them get along.

Anuj is thrilled with the party’s arrangements and thanks Pakhi for doing so much, to which Pakhi responds that she is not doing even a fraction of what he has done for her.

Everyone prepares for the party, while Anupama prays to Lord Krishna to show her a means to find Malti Devi’s kid, after which an idea occurs to her.

The Shah family arrives at the party, and they are about to begin, but Anuj explains that Anupama must return first in order for the celebration to begin.

Anupama enters the house after a while, her face sad, which Anuj notices at first.

What did Anupama learn this time?

Will the link between Anuj and Malti Devi be revealed?

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