Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Update:he opening scene of the Anupama episode for September 23, 2023, is Anuj lashing out at Malti Devi because she abandoned him soon after his birth.


Anupama and Malti Devi are both astonished when Anuj gathers those invoices and inquires of Malti Devi whether she paid the money to the orphanage out of sympathy and charity.


Anuj huffs in mental tiredness, struggling to control his emotions as truths keep being revealed in front of him. Anupama tells him to calm down and gives him a hug.


Anuj has been ranting for a while, and Vanraj advises him to calm down and drink some water as it can be harmful to his health.


Malti Devi may only find consolation in herself and her own forgiveness, according to Anupama, who observes her trembling in anguish. Malti Devi is the one who is to blame for her plight.


Anupama dries Anuj’s tears before preparing to deliver a speech on the virtues of motherhood.


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