Anupama Written Update


Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Update:Anupama begins the 23rd September 2023 episode of her show by praising God for his plan to bring Anuj and his mother back together.


Anupama is advised by Vanraj not to press the mother’s agenda too hard on Anuj because he is not prepared to handle it, but Anupama mistakenly believes that Anuj will be delighted to hear everything.


Anupama claims that God has granted Anuj’s longing to have a family of his own by sending his mother to him through his disastrous plan.


Malti Devi is ready to softly stroke Anuj’s face, but Anuj pulls back with no sign of joy on his face.


Anupama is shocked when Anuj declares that a woman like Malti Devi cannot be his mother and that he will never accept that in his live.


Anupama begs Anuj to calm down and take a moment to unwind, but Anuj doesn’t appear to be unwinding and tells Anupama to leave him alone.


Will this information cause Anuj and Anupama to grow apart?


Why is Malti Devi the target of Anuj’s hatred?


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