Anupama Writter Update 18th September 2023

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Anupama Written Update

Anupama Writter Update:The Anupama episode for September 18th, 2023 begins with Anupama feeling optimistic about locating the birth certificate and expecting it will aid her in her hunt for Malti Devi’s kid, who is rumored to be out there someplace.


Anupama responds to Anuj by informing him that she will be returning home shortly and that she has taken the papers with her in case she needs them for anything.


While all is going on, Kavya becomes moved to tears after hearing Leela compliment her.



Vanraj temporarily feels sympathetic toward Kavya after observing her in this situation because he can relate to how it must have felt for her to be separated from the rest of the family.


Kavya claims that she values the opportunity to visit


Leela was beginning to believe that she was undeserving of anyone’s affection when she heard such comments from herself.


Even though he is sorry to hear it, Vanraj restrains himself from openly consoling Kavya in front of the family.


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