Anupama Writter Update September 19th September 2023

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Anupama Written Update

Anupama Writter Update September 19th September 2023

The Anupama episode for September 19, 2023, begins with Anupama returning home and seeing Anuj in their room to inform him of her discovery.


Anupama responds that she went to the Gurukul to hunt for any things of Malti Devi and this catches Anuj’s attention when he wonders where she had suddenly disappeared to.


Anupama tells Anuj about how she discovered an attaché case inside that was filled with information regarding Malti Devi’s background, including a copy of her son’s birth certificate.


Anupama exclaims with a tone of hope that there must be Malti Devi’s son somewhere, and all they need to do is locate him so they can tell him about his mother.


Anupama informs Anuj that Malti Devi’s son would be his age as Anuj nods and cautions her to use caution when looking for a stranger.


Anuj is briefly speechless after hearing that, but he then asks Anupama to show those items to Malti Devi to see if she can recall anything.


Later, Anupama brings out a photograph of a baby and asks Malti Devi if it is her son as she presents Malti Devi with the toys, pictures, and paperwork.


Anupama feels compassionate toward Malti Devi after she looks at the photo with wet eyes and claims that it is her son.


Who is and where is Malti Devi’s son?


Has Anuj ever been associated with Malti Devi?


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