Imlie (Imli) Written Update

Imlie (Imli) Written Update

Imlie Written Update;Aim for September 15, 2023 Written Update: Written Update for Imli

Imlie is getting ready to advance to the competition in today’s Imlie episode from September 15, 2023, when Mami interrupts and says she’s not going anywhere.

But a determined Imlie pretends to listen to Mami, and when she leaves, Imlie hatches a cunning scheme.

Agastya, on the other hand, is getting ready to enter the competition and promises to find a candidate who loves to cook.

While Mama praises Imlie’s quick thinking, Imlie dons Mama’s clothes and looks admiringly at herself in the mirror, saying that Mami won’t know she’s gone.

While Imlie gets ready for the competition and runs outside to catch the bus, he compliments her brains.

Imlie becomes concerned but not hopeless when she discovers the bus will be two hours late after arriving at the bus stop.

While this is going on, Agastya’s automobile pulls up, and Imlie’s face lights up when she sees Agastya’s car.

She makes up her mind to ride in Agastya’s automobile to the location, then moves forward till she comes upon Agastya.

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