Imlie (Imli) Written Update

Imlie (Imli) Written Update

Imlie Written Update :”Agastya begins the Imlie 16 September 2023 episode by opening the car window after spotting a man, not realizing that it’s Imlie in disguise.

Imlie deepens her voice and says she must leave for the cooking competition as he asks if he can assist him.

Imlie’s face lights up as she hears Agastya say that he is also attending the competition, but she maintains her composure.

Agastya is dubious when Imlie asks him to drop her off because the bus will be two hours late, but he eventually agrees after some prodding from Imlie.

Imlie, who is now in disguise, thanks God for sending Agastya just in time as the car takes off with him and Agastya in it.

Agastya, on the other hand, develops a suspicion of Imlie and warns him to be cautious since, in his opinion, individuals in poverty might descend to any level of cheapness.

Imlie exits the vehicle when they arrive at the location, but Agastya requests that she give her identity.

This causes Imlie to flee, which causes the veil to fall off of her head and ultimately causes Agastya to realize that he dropped a female.

Imlie is moving forward to compete, and Agastya notices her, but he declares that he will never allow her to win.

Will Imlie’s cuisine make Agastya sweeter?

What unexpected twist will Imlie’s life take next?

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