Radha Mohan writting update 18 September 2023

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Radha Mohan Writting Update

Radha Mohan Writting Update Written Update for Radha Mohan on September 18, 2023

Radha Mohan Written Update for September 18, 2023: Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Update on Radha Mohan’s writing

The opening scene of the Radha Mohan episode for September 18, 2023, features Radha removing Gungun’s jewelry in order to satisfy Kaveri’s pleading, to the satisfaction and admiration of Kaveri.

Radha becomes enraged when Damini, on the other hand, persists in bothering Kadambari and claims that she has the audacity and talent to even make the Trivedis strip right away.

When Kadambari was disrespected in front of everyone, Radha and Mohan both raised their voices. Radha then went to Damini and questioned her about whether or not she was sorry of her actions.

After hearing Damini’s audacity, Kadambari, who feels insulted, stands up holding her saree firmly and shivers.

While Damini informs Radha that she is not ashamed of her conduct because she cannot even spare her own mother, Radha lashes out at Damini for humiliating Kadambari despite all the affection that Kadambari spent on her.

When Kaveri hears Damini say that she was about to kill Kaveri a few days ago, she erupts in excitement and finishes her speech.

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