Pandya Store Written Update September 18th, 2023

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Written Update Pandya Store
Written Update Pandya Store

Pandya Store Written Update on September 18th, 2023

Natasha says Amba that she can finally go to visit Suman in today’s Pandya Store 18th September 2023 episode, so Natasha says she is going to pack her luggage so that she can go on time.

Meanwhile, Amba tries to prevent her from entering the house as Pranali is unconscious on the floor.

Hetal and Dolly, on the other hand, enter the hall and find Pranali lying on the floor, her head bleeds continuously.

They both become concerned, and Dolly informs Hetal that she was aware of the situation because she witnessed Bhavin and Pranali fighting in the market.

She claims to have videotaped their dispute, and Hetal requests that Bhavin call the doctor as soon as possible.

Hetal chastises Bhavin for arguing with Pranali, while Amba sits outside with Natasha.

Until then, when Natasha questions Amba about it, Amba lies and says she called it because she isn’t feeling well.

When the compounder exits the ambulance and asks for Pranali, Amba says she is a patient, so her daughter-in-law Pranali calls an ambulance to admit her to the hospital.

After some time, the doctor arrives and inquires about her problem, so she requests that he check her blood pressure because she is nervous.

When the doctor questions how he can check her here outside the house, Amba brings them inside and tells Natasha to wait for her.

She goes inside and tells the doctor that she lied outside since she does not want to reveal it in front of Natasha because she will become uptight.

The doctor tells her not to overthink things before checking Pranali and applying a bandage.

He requests that Bhavin bring medicines and take the best possible care of his wife Pranali.

After that, Doctor leaves and, while Pranali is regaining consciousness, she makes direct eye contact with Bhavin.

Bhavin clutches her hand, but she looks at him angrily and tells him to stay away from her, while Hetal tells her to be patient because she is ill.

Meanwhile, Dhawal returns from college and drives Natasha to Pandya’s house in his car.

Amresh, on the other hand, arrives and sees Pranali in that state when he inquires as to what happened to her.

Hetal informs him that Pranali and Bhavin battled in the market today, and that when they get home, they engage into a furious quarrel, and Bhavin accidentally pushes her down the stairs.

Amresh becomes enraged with Bhavin and slaps him across the face for his misbehavior.

He also claims that they are tarnishing their family image by fighting like children, but Amba interrupts and claims that all of these problems are the result of Natasha.

Natasha, she claims, is attempting to manipulate them so that there would be misunderstandings between their families.

Amresh inquires as to her whereabouts, and Amba responds that she has sent her to Pandya’s house, and that if she learns of it, she will undoubtedly call the police.

Following that, Amresh chastises both Bhavin and Pranali, specifically warning Pranali to cease doing all of these things or he would send her to her father’s house for good.

Dhawal and Natasha, on the other hand, are welcomed with full prestige and are delighted to meet them.

Later that night, as Natasha is sleeping with Suman, Dhawal sneaks into her room. He approaches her bed and whispers her name, while she stands up and yells. Suman suspects that a thief has broken into the house and requests a stick from Natasha.

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